Capital Equity Partners is a privately held real estate investment firm that focuses on multi-family asset repositioning and development in emerging markets throughout the United States, and locally within our home market of Boston, MA.

What we do

Capital Equity Partners (CEP) provides investment opportunities backed by real estate assets to provide better than average rates of returns than normally found in traditional CD’s, Money Market Accounts, and IRA’s.  


CEP seeks to establish relationships with accredited and sophisticated Investors that have an interest in diversifying their portfolios into the alternative investment class of real estate.


CEP has an established network of strong relationships with property owners, brokers, attorneys, lenders, and operators that bring opportunities to us on a weekly basis.  We underwrite multiple deals per week locally, and nationally in emerging markets, to identify the right opportunities for our investment partners.


Capital Equity Partners is a real estate syndication firm that has spent years developing and executing investment strategies backed by real estate.  CEP has had years of success operating both long-term and short-term offerings that have resulted in repeated investments from our existing clientele.


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Latest News

NOI – What is it, and why does it matter?

In the world of multifamily cashflow real estate, as with all forms of cash flowing commercial real estate, Net Operating Income (NOI) is one of, if not the most vital metrics an asset can provide.  NOI is largely used to gauge an assets investment return, as well as...

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Single Family vs. Multifamily Investing

First off, I have personal experience in both of these types of investments. We are talking about buying and renting a Single Family home vs. buying an apartment building. I will talk about my personal experience with owning and managing both of these types of...

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24 Winchester St. Brookline Unit 1 News Release

Capital Equity Partners has successfully redeveloped and sold a beautiful 1810 square foot condominium located at 24 Winchester St. in Brookline, MA for $1,500,000. Located in the heart of bustling Coolidge Corner, the building was a floor through brick brownstone...

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Fundamentals continue to look strong in 2018 across the country, and an overall 2% rent growth is expected on average.  Deliveries of new units will provide a slight headwind, as absorption rates begins to slow a bit. The country saw 300,000 new units come...

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