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If you have a 401K, you are an investor!  Many people do not consider themselves “investors”, but many Americans who invest into 401K’s and IRA’s are investors.  These forms of investing are quite passive for most.  They set it, and forget it, kind of like the RONCO Rotisserie Oven.  But they’ll glance at a statement when it comes in and either raise their eyebrows or shake their head.  Sound familiar?  Are your investments performing the way they should be? Are you looking to diversify your portfolio?  Capital Equity Partners, LLC provide opportunities to individuals that are interested in receiving high yields of return through investing in real estate, and you CAN use the same money that’s in your 401K!  Want to find out more?  Read on…

Capital Equity Partners, LLC evaluates and acquires property consistently that fit our investment formulas.  If a property does not fit within our numbers, we don’t buy it. Plain and simple.

Our investment vehicles are acquired on discounted terms and are fully insured with both Hazard and Title Insurance, providing you piece of mind.

We have programs that can utilize the money already in your 401k or IRA’s, and will allow your investment returns to grow TAX FREE.  It’s your money, invest it where you want!

Contact us today at 781-572-9577 if you would like more information on our investing programs.  If you would like an Investment Prospectus detailing our company, our programs, and past project profitability, please fill out the form below.  Let your money work smarter, not harder.  We look forward to speaking with you.

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